If we don’t take care of our bodies with the right nutrition and proper exercise we simply can’t function properly. Learn techniques that I’ve studied for years that have changed my life.


Did you know that the thoughts we choose to think about daily actually get into our subconscious minds and literally “become” real things. Learn how to focus your thoughts on things that will help you to become all you’ve dreamed of.


My daily connection to God along with my prayer life has radically transformed my life. My life motto is “Work like it depends on you, pray like it depends on God.”


I’d love to start this bio off by telling you about how I grew up being raised by wolves, and that I learned to start fires with my bare hands at the age of 2. Or about my worldwide exploits traveling to places such as the Amazon Rain Forest, the castles in Scotland, snorkeling in Cozumel (ok I really did that actually), climbing the Great Wall of China and more. But…it wouldn’t be true. So here’s the real me.

I love people. I am passionate about seeing every single human being on the planet live a life that is fully alive, regardless of their age, race or gender. I believe that there is a life that is attainable where we learn to replace fear with love. We hope in the midst of hopelessness and we choose to believe even when everything is coming against us. Regardless of what circumstances life throws my way, I choose to be a prisoner of hope. I’d like to invite you to join me on a journey. A journey that we walk through together. I don’t profess to have life all figured out, in fact there are some days that I have the same kind of struggles we all experience in life. But I am proud to say that I’ve made some great progress in this journey that we call life. The good days now far outweigh the bad days.

I am a Father, Entrepreneur, Keynote Motivational Speaker, Leadership/Sales Trainer, Real Estate Investing Expert, and I’m passionate about fighting Human Trafficking. I’m a creator by heart. I love to create new things, I believe it’s deeply encoded into my God given DNA. So let’s grow together, create together and thrive together. Join me?


Sean is one of the most passionate speakers you will ever meet. As a keynote speaker, he has spoken at events across the nation. His story of hope, faith, and love has empowered thousands to pursue a life that is fully alive. He is one of the most authentic, dynamic and inspirational speakers you will hear today.

As a highly successful entrepreneur, Sean has inspired and empowered young and old alike to pursue their dream careers and provide them with practical steps to get there. “It’s not rocket science,” Sean says, “you just need to create a plan and come up with a list of consistent, daily actions that will get you there.”

Sean has a unique ability to empower his audience to really begin to believe that they truly can live the life of their dreams. His practical, real life examples of overcoming insurmountable adversity will inspire anyone who has ever hit rock bottom.

You will laugh, you will cry, but most importantly you will leave with a fire burning deep in your soul. You will leave a speaking engagement with Sean Wrench with a blueprint for how to begin to live a life that is FULLY ALIVE.