sean wrench

If you’re an Entrepreneur, a Business Owner, or someone who just wants people to pay attention to your Facebook videos, chances are you’ve been stumped as to why you can’t get more people to watch your videos.

Now for my fellow entrepreneurs out there, if you aren’t using Facebook videos to promote your business, can I be honest? You’re crazy. Facebook is highly favoring video right now and if you aren’t taking advantage of this you need to. I get it, the unknown can be intimidating. So let me break it down very simply for you.

Here are 3 ways that if you follow them, I guarantee you results.


  1. Keep the video to 1 minute. I know, I know, how the $%*@ can I say something in 1 minute Sean? You’re preaching to the choir friend. I’m the king of long winded. But trust me you can do it. You just need to refine your message. Figure out what you want to talk about and condense it down into the most important parts and keep it to a minute. Practice it a few times before you make the actual video.  Here’s why this is so important. Guess what the average time is that someone watches a Facebook video for? 6 seconds. Yep – 6 seconds. So you’re going to have to engage them quickly and that brings me to #2. No, not Austin Powers #2, my second point 😉 sean wrench
  2. Ok #2. Are you still thinking about Austin Powers ? I am. #2 is Engage quickly. So you know the average watch time is only 6 seconds. You are going to have to capture your viewers attention very quickly otherwise they won’t watch the rest of the video. If you’re trying to market something my recommendation is touch on a pain point right off the bat. If they are experiencing that pain and you tell them you have a solution to fix it than it’s likely you will capture their attention.
  3. Provide valuable content. This is a tough one because all of us think that what we are saying is important and that everyone will want to hear it. Guess what? most people could care less what you have to say. I know, it sucks. You need to really know your audience. Who are they? Where do they shop? What do they eat? Where do they hang out on the weekends? What do they do for fun? If you expect someone to listen to you and care about what you have to say, you really really need to learn more about them. What are they afraid of? What makes them happy? One of the best recommendations I can offer is whatever it is that you are marketing, go on Amazon and find books or products related to what you offer. Read the comments. That will help you really get a glimpse into your target audience. You can also follow marketers that are already clearly doing this well. For example, let’s say your target audience reads Oprah Winfrey’s magazine. Grab a copy of the magazine and see how they are talking to their target audience. How do the headlines of the stories read? What marketers are advertising in the magazine? There’s so much you can learn from that. It’s vital that your content is important to your target audience. It’s not important because you think it is, it’s only important if your target audience thinks it is.

Follow these 3 steps and I guarantee you’ll have explosive growth when it comes to using Facebook videos to market.


And I’ll give you a  bonus tip as well. Use Facebook Live. Nothing is ranking higher right now in Facebook feeds than Facebook live videos. Use Facebook live and I guarantee you at least twice as many people will see your videos.


Happy Marketing !


Written by: Sean Christopher