A few months ago I set 2 major goals for myself. One of the goals was to be achieved by the end of December and the other goal by early January.

I failed. At both.


I made progress. Really really great progress.

I sat here this morning reviewing my goals, which is something I try to do daily.

I felt the sting of disappointment set in. The whispers of doubt and defeat began to scream in my head. You failed again Sean. You’ll never reach any of the goals you set. You’re a failure. And they went on and on…

But let me tell you something. I WILL achieve those 2 goals. They are just going to take me a little longer than I thought. I won’t give up. NO way.

I’ve learned a few very valuable lessons these last few months.

1. Write your goals down and review them daily

It keeps them fresh in your mind every day. When those goals become engrained in your subconscious mind you will find that you start working to achieve them sometimes without even thinking about it, because they are so deeply embedded in your mind. A friend of mine recommends writing them out every day. I’ll be honest I didn’t do that although I think it’s an amazing idea. But what I did do was review them every day and say them out loud.

2. If you don’t write a goal down it’s unlikely you’ll achieve it

I think writing down goals makes them real. It makes them tangible. It creates power behind the goal.

3. Don’t let disappointment cause you to give up

I felt the sting of disappointment this morning, but then I realized that I’ve been working very hard to achieve these goals. So I’m not giving up. Just because I didn’t achieve them in the exact time frame that I wanted I won’t let that stop me. Giving up isn’t an option.

So what are your goals for 2018 ? Write them down and give them a timeframe. I set a date of 2 months to achieve my goals. I’m not exactly sure how much longer it will take me to achieve them but I’m going to work hard every day to do so.

I would also encourage you to think through you day every single day. Meaning, are the actions I’m taking today lining up with me achieving these goals I’ve set. Sometimes what you say no to is more important than what you say yes to. Make sure your daily actions are bringing you closer to achieving your goals, no further away from them.

Godspeed friends.