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Over the years I’ve battled a lot of depression and anxiety. There are days that I just didn’t want to get out of bed. I just didn’t want to do anything. I felt helpless. It literally felt like I was in chains. Depression has a way of making you feel helpless.

The sad thing is that I always thought something was wrong with me. I beat myself up for “allowing” the depression to get the best of me.

I was very thankful one day to discover that Dr. Mercola (one of the nations leading authorities on nutrition) had released a series of studies showing that you could literally cure anxiety and depression with diet.

I was a bit shocked with the fact that depression doesn’t reside in our head like most people think, but it actually starts in our gut. WAIT…say what ?! Our gut ? yep. And after researching this for a few years I’ve discovered a few ways to virtually eliminate all symptoms of depression. I’m happy to say that I’ve literally cured my depression through diet.

It’s completely changed my life and I hope it does yours too.

Resource list below the video (of things I talk about in the video):


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THE best water filter that I’ve found that’s affordable: Santevia Watertop Filtration System

Best quality (low cost) probiotic: Inner Eco (carried at Whole Foods, Fresh Market etc.)

Top rated Medical Grade Pro-Biotic (a bit more expensive) – VSL-3

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