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For about 10 years I felt like a complete failure. Can anyone relate? Failed diet, after failed diet. An exercise plan that I’d start but not stick to because of lack of results. For years the cycle continued.

keto ketogenic keto diet exogenous ketones

Why can’t I just get it together I kept asking myself? I knew I needed to get in shape and start eating healthy. I would start, but then get frustrated by my lack of results and I’d quit. This continued year after year after year. Sometimes I’d stick with it for a few weeks, I’d feel like I was getting some results but then I’d get off track again. I was embarrassed, and I constantly felt horrible because of my poor food choices and lack of exercise. And as the years went by I just became more and more discouraged.

A few years ago I started to study how the mind works. It’s absolutely fascinating. When we introduce a new thought pattern into our minds, our brain literally builds new neural pathways. I’ve applied these principles to build a very successful business, but it never even crossed my mind to apply them to my health and fitness goals.

And then one day it dawned on me. If I was finally going to change my life and get healthy and lose the weight I needed it all had to start with the right mindset.


Our conscious mind is kind of like the captain of a ship who gives out orders to the crew. But it’s really the crew that’s guiding the ship. Our subconscious mind is the crew that guides the ship. And in order to get our subconscious mind to behave we have to create a strong belief. And how do we create a strong belief? Repetition. Think about it, when we hear something enough times we start to believe it right? And we can choose what thoughts to allow into our minds to believe. We may have spent years being barraged by negative thought patterns, but by introducing in a very intentional way positive thoughts we can change our life.

And that’s why writing out your goals and saying them out loud daily is so important. Our subconscious mind most readily accepts information first thing when we wake up and right before we go to bed.

So I did something that for me was a complete game changer. I wrote down on a piece of paper the following: “By January 18th, 2018, I Sean Wrench will lose 60 pounds.” It was a lofty goal but I believed I could achieve it. But it took more than just writing it down. I said that goal out loud every single morning when I woke up and again before I went to bed. I had to embed that belief into my subconscious mind so that I could put it into action.

Consistent thoughts help to create consistent actions. 

As with many things in life, in order to achieve true success it’s often a combination of a few things that help us achieve our goals. One doesn’t just lose weight by speaking a sentence out loud, there has to be a good diet and exercise plan in place to lose the weight. In years past, I did have some success following what is called a Ketogenic Diet. I later found out that the only reason it never worked for me the way I wanted it to was because I didn’t stick with it long enough. That’s where having the proper mindset came into play that I was intentional with this time around.

keto ketogenic keto diet

A Ketogenic Diet basically advocates focusing on eating foods that are high in Protein and Healthy Fats while eating little to no carbohydrates (usually no more than 25 to 50 grams a day). I would eat things such as Chicken, Steak, and Fish, while adding healthy fats like Avocado, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Macadamia Nuts and more. I highly recommend going organic for anything you eat. I also try to stick with Organic Grass Fed Meats as well, and Wild Caught Fish. I could write an entire separate blog post on those benefits.

I then knew to really achieve my goals I absolutely had to have a good support system in place. So I found an incredible group on Facebook called Ketogains. The group is about 91,000 members strong and offers some incredible advice for anyone looking to adopt a Ketogenic Lifestyle. I also sought the advice of Drew Manning. Drew is the star of the hit A&E show Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit. Drew has been featured on CNN, Dr. Oz, The Today Show and much more. In order to prove the effectiveness of the Ketogenic Diet, Drew as one of the top personal trainers in the world intentionally gained 75 pounds in 6 months and then lost 75 pounds in 6 months. Drew’s advice and daily coaching through his Facebook group page was absolutely invaluable to me on my journey. Having the right support system in place was crucial and Ketogains and Drew Manning did just that for me.

I followed the Ketogenic eating plan very carefully. Now before you scoff at your ability to only eat protein and eliminate carbs,  let me tell you that there are so many other options available. I am a HUGE advocate of eating a diet rich in vegetables and I made sure to incorporate them into every meal. Vegetables are important to our diet because of their high nutrient content. Many aren’t aware of this but every 90 days our bodies completely regenerate all 7 billion cells that are in our bodies. We literally become what we eat. Vegetables are important because they help prevent and cure many types of sickness and disease in our bodies. Not only did I make sure to always eat my vegetables but upon doing a little research I discovered a multitude of options available to me that helped make the Ketogenic Diet very easy to stick with. I discovered recipes for things such as Keto Pancakes, Keto Pizza, Keto Biscuits, Keto Tacos, Keto Fried Chicken and many, many other options that were available to me. There really are no limitations on the Keto Diet that are hard to live by.

Now, losing 60 pounds in only 3 months is quite the feat, and as I stated above it was a combination of things that helped me to achieve such amazing results. And another key to my transformation was doing what is called Fasted Cardio. Fasted Cardio is basically doing your cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Research has shown that by doing the cardio in a fasted state, our bodies go straight to burning stored fat for fuel. If you are on  Ketogenic Diet and are what is called Fat Adapted, you are already in full out fat burning mode, so fasted cardio basically super charges your results. I did however also take the advice of Dr. Dominic D’Agnostino. After listening to Dr. Dominic appear on the very popular Tim Ferris show I started my day with a combination of Bulletproof Coffee, Exogenous Ketones and Amino Acids. The Amino Acids help to spare muscle loss and exogenous ketones as well as Bulletproof Coffee help with energy, focus and fat loss. Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof was also a huge source of guidance and inspiration for me on my journey. I would wake up around 6am, and have my Bulletproof Coffee upon waking and while drinking my coffee I would review my goals and say them out loud for a few minutes. About an hour before my fasted cardio I would take exogenous ketones along with powdered Amino Acids and then I would head to the gym to do my fasted cardio.

Research shows that exercising in a fasted state increases both lipolysis and fat oxidation ratesLipolysis is the breaking down of fat cells for energy. Fat oxidation is the burning of this energy by cells. So that’s the “science” behind why that works.

In addition to simply adding fasted cardio to my arsenal I decided to take things one step further.  Research shows that when you combine fasted cardio with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) the effects are much more significant. There are many different forms of HIIT training, mine consisted of running on a treadmill as fast as I could for 30 seconds. I would then slow the treadmill down to a brisk walk and then “walk” for 1 minute to 90 seconds. I repeated this over and over again. Initially I was able to complete about 8 cycles, but now I’m up to 15. Start by doing just 12 minutes of HIIT training and work your way up. When I first started I could barely get up to 12 minutes. Now I’m able to do 30 minutes of HIIT training very easily. I have also found that walking briskly for about 10 to 30 minutes after completing your HIIT training aids a significant boost to fat loss.

They say there is no magic bullet for weight loss, but I found the combination of the right mindset, a good support system, following the Ketogenic Diet, along with fasted cardio and HIIT training, and that for me was just about as magic as it gets. I never dreamed I could lose 60 pounds in only 3 months, but I did. And my life is forever changed.

Instead of having low self esteem and no energy, every single day I wake up feeling amazing. It has literally impacted every single area of my life. As an Entrepreneur I am more successful because I feel good. My mind is sharp and my body is full of energy.

I am now very passionate about helping others to change their life like I did. Feel free to visit my Facebook page and I will post daily videos, tips and answer any questions anyone has about how they can change their life the way I did.

Any journey simply starts with one step, I would encourage you to take yours today. If I can do it, I know anyone can.