The breakthrough method the fishing industry used to transport Cod can teach us a tremendous lesson on how God uses adversity to strengthen us and shape us into all he’s created us to be.

In the mid 80’s the fishing industry ran into a big problem. Ironically the problem came about because of a huge blessing.

The Cod industry in the NE was booming. The fisherman was bringing them in by the boat full.

Then a problem arose. They needed a way to transport all these additional fish across the country in a way that would keep them fresh.

At first, they tried freezing them, but the fish lost too much of their flavor. With that failure behind them, they then tried transporting them in large saltwater tanks. By keeping the fish in an environment that inhibited their movements the fish became soft and mushy. Another failure.

Finally, someone came up with an idea. In the fishing industry, it is well known that the Catfish is the arch nemesis of the Cod. So with each tank of fish that was transported, they put into each of these tanks 1 Catfish.Just one.

The Catfish chased the Cod around the entire time they were in the tank. What did that do? It kept the Cod aware and alert the entire time they were in those tanks. They kept moving. They never stopped. The Cod arrived at their final destination fresher than ever. The problem was solved.

I’ve learned something in my 40ish years or so on this earth. And I’ve learned it the hard way.

Nothing significant is going to happen in our lives without adversity. Do you want a better life? Adversity. A better job, make more money? Adversity. A better marriage, better relationships? Adversity.

God uses adversity to bring about growth and character development in our lives. I know, I know, it’s not fun. It sucks sometimes.

But here’s the kicker. It’s how we respond in the midst of the adversity that determines whether or not we need to take the test again. We tend to try and pray away all of our problems. Often times God wants to use the very things we are praying away to transform us into who he knows we can become.

There is a tremendous amount of greatness inside of you just waiting to come out. It’s in the adversity that God brings out that greatness he’s put inside of us.

So instead of praying it all away (which is likely futile anyways because God’s not going to remove it lol) start asking God to show you what he’s trying to do inside you by the Catfish you’re facing in your life.

Love you guys - Sean